Bryan Gonzalez — InnerVisions HealthCare & Heartbeat International

“Standing before 1,100 guests, Sarah delivered a riveting, emotional, raw, and inspiring message.  While it’s just “her story”, she knows what parts to share to connect with the audience and lead to maximum engagement.  Everyone in the audience can see themselves in part of Sarah’s vulnerable story, which is why it’s so helpful to educate pro-life audiences on why a woman would feel compelled to begin a chemical abortion.  Thanks be to God, she listened to the restlessness in her heart and changed her mind!”

Theresa Welch — Executive Director, InnerVisions HealthCare

“Sarah Hurm was our most recent 2022 annual Gala. She is a woman with amazing faith and a story that will touch the very heart of what it is to be ProLife!

Comments we heard after our Gala:

‘Best speaker you ever had!’

‘Such courage, and grace!’

‘Her story is raw and real and captivates anyone who hears it!!’”

I was first asked to share my story at the Heartbeat Conference in 2021. I have never been much of a public speaker, but I said yes. I went with Isaiah and although I was emotional at times while I spoke, it felt right.

I also shared my story with LIVEACTION and they have a video on YouTube.

In October of 2021, I went to Terre Haute, Indiana and spoke at a crisis pregnancy centers fundraiser. 

InnerVisions then asked me to be their keynote for their gala in June 2022. They also knew I had journaled to my unborn child while I was going through the abortion and reversal process, so they asked if I was comfortable in sharing those and writing a book. I said yes again, because it is not just my story, it is the story God has woven together for me through my life choices. He was there always with me and saving me, and now it is my turn to share his great news of love, empowerment, and redemption.

I am available to speak at your event!

I would love to share the story of God’s plan in my life with your group! Please contact me if you are interested.